Universal Development Adoption

Technical innovations

Microservices Architecture

Enables flexible development and modification of system components, including the transport layer, consensus protocol, storage, and virtual machines.
Linked Project - saiSET: An open-source initiative that offers a suite of microservices for constructing decentralized applications.

No language restrictions

In a world of diverse coding languages and developer preferences, Cyclone Blockchain takes inclusivity to heart. By allowing smart contracts to be written in any computer language, we invite a broader spectrum of developers to innovate, build, and expand upon our platform. This breaks barriers to entry and is likely to foster a rich and diverse range of new applications.

The Cyclone Blockchain Virtual Machine (VM) incorporates a default message protocol that acts as a standard interface for various actions on the blockchain, such as checking balances, transferring tokens, and executing other smart contract functions. This protocol ensures that irrespective of the programming language used to write a smart contract, the contract can interact seamlessly with the blockchain's core features.

Versatility of programming languages

Developers can write smart contracts in a variety of supported languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc. This inclusivity caters to a wide range of developer preferences and skill sets. Upon writing the smart contract, the developer simply selects the appropriate VM for processing it. Each VM is tailored to efficiently execute smart contracts written in a specific language.

When a smart contract is deployed and executed on the Cyclone Blockchain, the selected VM processes the contract in accordance with the blockchain's consensus rules and the universal message protocol. After the smart contract is executed, an execution hash is generated. This hash is a unique identifier that represents the specific execution instance of the smart contract.

Despite the diversity in programming languages, the universal message protocol maintains a consistent way of interacting with the blockchain's core functionalities, ensuring a unified experience across different smart contracts.

Additionally we give:

Enhanced Security: Virtual machine isolation ensures increased security for smart contracts.

Advanced Block and Message Format: Efficiently stores the results of transactions and smart contracts in the blockchain.

!!! Result of Smart Contract Execution: In Block (Not in the VM logs).

Improved Smart Contract Creation:

  • Enhanced creation of Token smart contracts.

  • Improved indexing of Smart contracts.

  • Built-in Functions for Token Balance Management and AMMs: Simplifies operations and enhances the user experience.

Easy creation of your own blockchain explorers and other utilities.

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