Coinless Interaction Model

Goodbye, fee and gas problems!

Barrier-free entry

We've eradicated the primary limitations & inconveniences of Web3, to give you next:

  1. Direct interaction with any Web3 project and theirs NFT or cryptocurrency.

  2. Commissions are paid in Any token for maximum flexibility and convenience.

  3. Commissions have low and fixed price structur.

Broadening Accessibility – Coinless Interaction Model

Cyclone allows users to perform transactions on a blockchain without needing to own or manage the blockchain's native currency #CYCL. Instead, users can operate exclusively with any tokens of various Project on our chain without dependence on us, which are additional assets created and managed through smart contracts on the Cyclone Blockchain.

Example Explanation:

Imagine a brand new empty wallet like MetaMask, where someone sends you 100 game tokens or USDT. What can you do with them on any other blockchain? Nothing! You'll have to buy the native network coin to send or exchange these funds, all while going through a ton of unnecessary steps, from mentally calculating exchange rates to being forced to complete registration on third-party exchanges, and enduring agonizing delays...

But you don't need all this anymore because Here's what we give you:

If you want to send these gaming tokens and use them to pay the fee? Go for it! Want to use them to buy another asset? No problem! Want to exchange them without leaving your wallet and use them to pay for anything? Absolutely! Instantly here and now - just a few clicks away, without even leaving your wallet and without any unnecessary hassle! Do as you please and as it suits you!

Our solution eliminates the hassle and limitations of traditional blockchins and wallets, giving you complete control over your assets and the freedom to use them as you please.

The cornerstone of Coinless Interaction is an integrated Automated Market Making (AMM) system. This system seamlessly facilitates the conversion of transaction fees from various crypto assets to Cyclone´s native coin. When a user initiates a transaction using registered crypto tokens, the AMM system automatically calculates and converts the necessary portion of this tokens to cover the transaction fees in #CYCL coins. This conversion occurs in realtime, ensuringhat the network's requirement for fees paid in #CYCL coins is consistently met. (It is important to understand that #CYCL is an balanced currency a new type, and therefore no fluctuations or changes in the commission price are expected during the process)

Our groundbreaking feature shatters the entry barriers for any user into the captivating realm of Web3, fundamentally streamlining the utilization and management of crypto assets. With our solution, navigating the complexities of Web3 becomes as effortless and intuitive as interacting with conventional financial systems.

Key Highlights:

Eliminating Barriers: Our innovative feature seamlessly removes the obstacles that hinder mainstream adoption of Web3, empowering a wider Web2 audience to engag e with this transformative technology.

Intuitive Usability: We prioritize user-friendliness, ensuring that managing and utilizing crypto assets feels as natural and straightforward as interacting with traditional financial tools.

Democratizing Web3: Our solution democratizes access to Web3, enabling anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to seamlessly participate in this burgeoning ecosystem.

Transparent Fee

Cyclone prides itself on a fixed fee structure, which is financial literacy built into the blockchain. No more hidden costs or rough estimates(Gas) of fees depending on network load! Now everything is instantly known and static!

Gas and Predict - this is relics of past technologies that people don't need anymore, and to which we say goodbye!

Cyclone and his Wallets allows everyone to make informed decisions and accurately plan their budget..

Embrace the future of finance with our innovative solution, bridging the gap between the traditional and decentralized worlds.

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