Best Web3 time is Now

The Foundation team will focus on improving the technical protocols and core system aspects, as well as addressing cross-compatibility issues with external systems, as a priority.

Meanwhile, our Product team will prioritize providing enhanced tools and technical solutions to creators, simplifying the creation of Web3 applications and facilitating the creative process within and beyond the Cyclone ecosystem.

Games Platform

This platform will have everything necessary for any game creator to smoothly announce and release their game.

Creators' Platform

This is an interface/dashboard and a set of tools where any creator on our chain will be able to create and manage their smart contracts, tokens, and NFTs.

IPFS Cyclone

InterPlanetary File System - is a protocol for storing and transferring files in a decentralized network, where files are identified by their content rather than their location. It enables the creation of resilient and accessible files without the need for centralized servers.


It represents a platform that facilitates the launch and support of new projects or tokens on the blockchain. It's a place where startups can receive necessary support, including funding, technical resources, consultations, and access to the community, to successfully launch their projects.

Whitelabel Dynamic NFT Marketplace

Cyclone empowers the creation of NFTs with unique new dynamic properties and functionalities not previously possible.

Therefore, we plan to provide a customizable platform for creators to buy, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It allows businesses or individuals to create their own branded NFT marketplaces with tailored features and branding options, offering flexibility and control over the buying and selling experience.

Decentralized chat

Since Cyclone, thanks to DRNG - Decentralized Random, opens up entirely new possibilities in cryptography and encryption, we are simply obligated to provide all enthusiasts of our network with an ultra-secure environment and communication.


Since our technology is completely new in the existing landscape and brings a number of radical innovations, we see extremely specific and new opportunities for the industry that require attention, study, and hypothesis testing before their further public disclosure.

Product "JUMP"

The goals of this project are to provide a tool for a no-code constructor of adaptive tokenomic models for P2E games and other projects. This will allow creators without deep knowledge of economic systems to easily create and launch, or simply port their games into a decentralized environment.

Our GameFi R&D division Moirai Games, within the framework of the "JUMP" project, is also working on ultra-experimental Web3 games and just fun games, with the new adoptive economy P2E models of which will only be possible in the Cyclone ecosystem.

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