CYCL coin

With its self-regulating emission process, Cyclone Blockchain introduces the world's first World's first Self-Regulating Cryptocurrency.

"If Bitcoin is a digital decentralized gold, then CYCL is like a digital decentralized dollar".

#CYCL coin is an entirely new type of cryptocurrency named "Balanced Coin".

In contrast to stable coins, whose value depends on an underlying fiat currency and trust in the issuer, a "balanced coin" is ultra-stable in price in terms of the economic utility for blockchain users.

A balanced coin should have the following properties:

  1. Value-preserving compared to the global price level

  2. Minimal price volatility compared to the global price level

  3. Global price of a balanced coin reflects the success and development of the blockchain network in the context of the development of the crypto market

CYCL coin can therefore be understood as a cryptocurrency whose price stability is independent of a fiat currency or trust in central issuers.

We hope this article will help you understand more about our Economy and Main philosophy.

>> Self-Regulating Cryptocurrencies the Future of DeFi.

Initial Supply

In the Genesis Block, an initial coin supply is issued, which results from the previous coin sales. After that, coins are periodically generated according to our Cyclone emission model and issued to the validators.

Various incentive mechanisms are used to motivate validators to distribute the emitted coins to end users via various blockchain projects or other network-promoting measures.

The initial supply plus the sum of all additionally emitted coins since the genesis block form the circulating supply at a specific point in time. Since CEM can also generate a negative emission (burn), it is theoretically possible that the circulating supply temporarily falls below the initial supply.

Total Supply

Basically, the Cyclone Blockchain does not have a total supply because the emission adjusts according to the network state and calculates the time-dependent optimal supply state of the blockchain - no more and no less than the live network economy requires based on its current and forecasted economic climate. Dynamic Emission Model

If there is economic saturation of the Cyclone Chain, the periodic emission falls to a minimum. If the economic climate is negative, the circulating supply decreases due to the burning of coins (negative emission) at the validators.

Innovation impact

The #CYCL coin also serves as the Universal intercurrences unit of the Cyclone blockchain, facilitating fast, simple, and frictionless exchange and interaction among all currencies within the Cyclone network Coinless Interaction Model

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