🌀Cyclone Chain


Cyclone is a new blockchain technology (Layer 1).

While numerous Layer1 blockchains exist, they commonly rely on three primary technologies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cosmos, essentially inheriting their fundamental limitations. Cyclone, not being based on any of these listed technologies, and representing an innovative breakthrough.

Cyclone Blockchain draws inspiration from the core principles of Layer 1 solutions. We believe in the sanctity of true decentralization, the transparency that fosters trust, and the anonymity that preserves individual freedoms in the digital age. While appreciating the innovations of Layer 2 and Layer 3, our objective is to incorporate the virtues of Layer 1 blockchains into a modern framework that addresses the needs of the current and future digital ecosystem.

KEY - What is the most fundamental meaning?

"Cyclone has bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3".

We have globally simplified and enhanced the development of any projects for their creators, and eliminating the primary logical barrier and economic fear for all users.

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